Pastor's Corner

August 9th, 2020

Sometimes people seek proof of God’s existence before they are willing to put their trust in Him. Today’s Gospel assures us of God’s presence of and invites us to trust in Divine Providence as St. Peter did. There are no storms in life that our trust in God cannot overcome because the Lord will always help us rise above them. This truth emerges from God’s revelation to His people. In today’s First Reading, Elijah obeys and leaves the cave to meet the Lord. He does not meet the Lord when he expected to meet him. Through his faith he recognizes the Lord in a “tiny whispering sound.” Jesus Christ reveals the Father and, at the same time, the love of the Holy Spirit that we received at Baptism.

Do we recognize the Lord each day at prayer in such a way that we can trust in His mercy and love without seeking proof of His presence? Sometimes, the faithful petition God for favors through our Blessed Mother or the Saints. Can we invite them to thank God for the gifts of health, life, family and friends first, even if their ongoing crises lead them to seek God’s favor? Reflecting on these questions, parish leaders could build a bridge between the liturgy and popular piety, so that the faithful will be able to share their difficulties with missionary disciples of the parish who can accompany them.

Rev. Juan J. Sosa