Pastor's Corner

9th May, 2021

The readings selected for this Sunday’s Eucharist convey a certain tone of detachment. The First Reading recounts Peter’s visit to Cornelius, a Roman official who requested Baptism for him and for his entire household. This visit highlights the opening of the community of believers to the Gentiles. In the Gospel, Jesus reminds his disciples that their mission is to live and spread the love he has shown them. This text invites us to anticipate the Solemnity of the Ascension of the Lord that will be celebrated during the week or next Sunday.

Saint John’s letter, the Second Reading, summarizes the essence of God’s love for us in his only Son, Jesus Christ, and encourages us to live in this love. It is a love that comes from God and not from our human experiences. It is a selfless love that overshadows all other forms of love. It is the love of those who are willing to sacrifice themselves for one another. This topic can become a source of dialogue among youth groups and among the adult lay ministers of the parish: How does Christ’s love strengthen our lives in the service of God’s people?

Rev. Juan J. Sosa