Pastor's Corner

December 6th, 2020

Today’s First Reading presents the prophet Isaiah calling for comfort for his people, who have suffered slavery and pain throughout their history. In a poetic styles he shows, by means of nature images, the change in Israel’s history. One will come who will carry out the work of the Lord and select Israel as his own from all other nations of the world. In Saint Mark’s Gospel, this One is none other than the Messiah, announced by John the Baptist. Saint Mark describes who John is and what his mission was.

Remembering the ancient text of Isaiah, the first Christians saw John as the precursor of the good news that God wants to bring to all of humanity. In the Second Reading, we discover that the early Christians already recognized Jesus as the expected Messiah, and believed that he would return very soon to save everyone from sin and death. It is essential to practice before proclaiming the Sacred Scriptures of this season, in order to convey the richness of their content and emphasize the message of hope to an abandoned people. The Prayers of the Faithful and the various commentaries also need creativity and dynamism.

Rev. Juan J. Sosa