Ministries & Groups

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Adoration of the Blessed Sacrament

The Blessed Sacrament at St. Joseph is exposed every Wednesday after the 8:00am Mass and reposed with Benediction before the 5:30pm evening Mass. A special Holy Hour is held from 2:30 to 3:30pm for the reparation of all sins.


Adorers are ministers that sit in the presence of the Lord while the Blessed Sacrament is exposed, typically for 1 hour. The Blessed Sacrament shall never be left alone, so adorers rotate on the hour during the time of exposition.

Altar Server

Are ministers, assisting the priest and deacon during the liturgical celebrations and processions.

Environment and Art


Esther Fonseca

Parishioners committed to this ministry are engaged in decorating the sanctuary during the different seasons of the Liturgical Year and assist the parish sacristans in maintaining the Church and Chapel always prepared for Funerals, Weddings, Adoration of the Blessed Sacrament and other liturgical celebrations.

Extraordinary Minister of Holy Communion

These are men and women with great love and devotion to the Blessed Sacrament and an intense life of prayer.

Justice Ministry

The ministry raises awareness in the parish community of the needs that exist for those most in need and deprived of their human rights according to the Catholic Social Teaching. Working with the ecumenical community, to foster an environment where true justice and peace will prevail over the injustices that sometimes arise in today's society.


Is a laity person appointed by the pastor, who must have knowledge of holy scripture and have proven virtue that helps members of the faith community, to receive the word of god, in a real and effective way.

Liturgical Sacristans

Sacristans are ministers committed to take care of the Church and Sacristy. The Sacristan is responsible to set-up for weddings, funerals, and baptisms, to open and close the Church for daily and Sunday Mass. To care for the liturgical vessels, altar cloths, priests’ albs and chasubles, to set-up for daily and Sunday Mass.

Ministry of Ushers | Welcome Ministry


Bobby Crocker (English)
Juana Perez (Spanish)

The Usher is the person responsible for welcoming those attending Mass and take them to their seats. Ushers are responsible for collecting Sunday offerings, and to offer services durring Mass.

Ministry of Parish Events


Carrie Barillas

(305) 866-6567

Members of this ministry plan and implement fundraiser opportunities and parish events. Implementation on the day of the event, i.e, decorate, serve, set-up and clean-up etc.

Music Ministry - Choir


Ralph D'Ovidio

The members of the choir seek to celebrate the liturgy in a manner that promotes participation by all with joy and reverence.

Prayer and Spiritual Movements

Exercises of St. Ignatius of Loyola, Charismatic Prayer Group and Divine Mercy.

Religious Education


Gipsy Lodos

(305) 866-6567

Religious Education Classes are available for children from first grade through High School age, and for Adults in English and Spanish, from September through May.

Respect Life


Cheryl Hodowd (English)

(305) 866-6567

Maria Luisa Perata (Spanish)

(305) 866-6567

Society of St. Vincent De Paul

Offers help to the poor with food distribution and financial support.

Vocation Chalice


Marian Lopez (English)
Maria Dulce Alvarez (Spanish)

The members of this ministry work to promote and encourage a culture of vocations in our parish. Parish families are invited to open their homes to receive the Vocation Chalice and give testimony, uniting in prayer, to support and encourage our seminarians and deacons in realizing their priestly vocation.

Visiting the Sick


Carrie Barillas

(305) 866-6567

These are people with great sensitivity to the world of pain and have great empathy and compassion for those who are sick. Those who perform this service within the community, preferably, must have been instituted as extraordinary ministers of Holy Communion.

Youth Group


Gustavo Mejia picture
Gustavo Mejia

(305) 866-6567