Pastor's Corner

14th August, 2022

The images in today’s liturgy reveal key elements for our understanding of the mysteries of the Incarnation and Redemption. In the First Reading from the Book of Revelation, the Church has always seen the Blessed Virgin Mary as the triumphant woman clothed with the sun who overcomes the deceit of the dragon, the symbol of evil. In his first letter to the Corinthians, Saint Paul affirms the resurrection of Christ, through whom all the powers of evil have been destroyed, even death itself! The Gospel helps us appreciate the impact of the Incarnation of the Word in the young maiden of Nazareth. Upon accepting God’s call, she sets out to visit and help her cousin Elizabeth, who is also with child.

In that encounter, Mary proclaims with joy the greatness of the Lord and, as Mother of the Church, assures us that God is always in our midst to cast down the mighty from their thrones and to lift up the lowly. Mary’s Assumption highlights God’s call to all who believe that the Spirit will guide them from death into a new life that never ends; where Mary has gone, there, we too shall be! Although today’s liturgical celebration is filled with joy for the assembly through the flowers, commentaries, Prayers of the Faithful and music, we cannot ignore the theological and catechetical significance of the feast as we prepare. The homily especially should strive to communicate the powerful meaning of Mary’s Assumption into heaven, the same goal we all want to attain through faith and God’s gracious gift.

Rev. Juan J. Sosa