Pastor's Corner

27th November, 2022

The first two readings present us with a people anxious to meet God on the “mountain, the preferred site where God’s revelation to the people of Israel takes place on various occasions. In the Gospel, Jesus warns us with precision that this encounter demands a radical transformation that, similar to that of Noah’s flood, will bring about a new reality. The Lord, indeed, takes the initiative for this encounter, but we know neither the day nor the hour.

We just need to be prepared, and never waste time in idle affairs. We begin the season of Advent with this great theme that helps us prepare our hearts to celebrate the birthday of our Savior. Even the Psalm response invites us to project the joy of our encounter with the lord throughout the upcoming four weeks. It would be worthwhile to form small groups in the parish to reflect and share throughout Advent on the meaning of the Sunday readings. What does the second coming of the Lord mean to us? How can we prepare to welcome him today and always?

Rev. Juan J. Sosa