Pastor's Corner

21st July, 2024

The leadership of the nation of Israel relied on its kings. With a few exceptions, Israel's kings trusted in their own power more than the power and kindness of the Lord. For this reason, God refused to rely on them, and chose prophets to denounce their evildoing, and to announce the coming of the new kingdom in the Messiah. In today's First Reading from the prophet Jeremiah, God laments over the infidelity of Israel's shepherds. In the second reading and the Gospel, however, we perceive a different vision. Jesus gathers his apostles to preach the new kingdom, and although the overwhelming crowd follows them, they make their way to the boat to rest.

The Gospel describes Jesus' great compassion for the crowds and their many needs. In the Letter to the Ephesians, Saint Paul proclaims that all who live in Christ can live in his peace. Christ is the good news that dwells among those who do not build walls, but bridges to construct lasting relationships in which faith, hope, and charity prevail. This week, let us ask ourselves and the faithful during (or after!) Mass: When have we felt deep compassion in our daily journey? Compassion is not pity, but empathy toward those who seek faithful shepherds to the Gospel, willing to serve others instead of themselves. This is a good message to share with the entire faith community this week, in particular with those who, either ordained or as laypeople, live a vocation to guide the people of God in the Church of our time.

Rev. Juan J. Sosa