Pastor's Corner

2nd October, 2022

We celebrate with joy how God dwells in the heart of each husband and wife. Today‟s Gospel reminds us that what God has joined, no one must divide. Jesus emphasizes this unity, while strongly suggesting that the practice of divorce, allowed by the Law of Moses, should not be continued. The First Reading provides us with the basis of Christ‟s mandate as it helps us recall the gift and purpose of Creation. God fashioned man and woman to be one in fidelity and love. This has become a difficult topic in our contemporary life, when relationships seem to break up frequently.

As we consider the Sacrament of Matrimony, we cannot avoid facing the reality of divorce. The Church continues to struggle with this reality and can neither be insensitive to those whose lives are marked by it and want to belong to an ecclesial community, nor to those who ignore the mandate of Christ and choose to do what they wish. Prayer, discernment using the Word, preparation for marriage, and other similar themes can be included in the weekly sharing in parish groups, with no goal of arriving at any solutions for these conflicts. A good reflection, rooted in communion with the Lord and the Church, may enrich them with fruits that can then be brought to the Eucharist. This Sunday‟s liturgy, through its prayers, music, and homily, should emphasize the role of marriage and family in Christian life.

Rev. Juan J. Sosa