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Pastor's Corner

Twentieth Sunday in Ordinary Time

August 18, 2019

Once again today’s readings invite us to consider the consequences we must face because of our commitment to our Christian faith; some of these are expected, but others are not. Jesus in St. Luke’s Gospel demands from his disciples a radical response to his call and announces that he came to cause divisions among family members. Some will follow him to the end—to the Cross; others will stop on the way and return home; and still others will refuse to follow him at all. This baptism of blood that many martyrs suffered in the early Christian community can be seen as the fatal, yet glorious, consequence of being faithful to the Lord.

This provides a certain parallel to the First Reading in which Jeremiah is thrown into the well for denouncing the abuses of his time and proclaiming God’s Word of truth and justice. Despite the many unexpected surprises that we face in life, and the rejections we encounter in society today, God grants us the strength to be faithful to our Christian vocation and to our service in the Church. This is essentially the exhortation that the author of the letter to the Hebrews makes when he asks that we always keep our eyes fixed on Jesus Christ. As parish groups meet during the week, they can reflect on these texts and use the following questions, or similar ones, as a guide: Are there divisions today among our families because of our faith commitment to Christ and his Church? How can we keep our focus on Christ when we face so many distractions each day?

Rev. Juan J. Sosa

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