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Pastor's Corner

Easter Sunday

April 21, 2019

The whole Church rejoices today because in Christ we have all been raised from the dead. Christ is the Paschal Lamb who was sacrificed for us and now shows us the path of salvation. Great crowds will attend Masses in our churches today and the liturgical ministers need to be ready to receive them. Our hospitality must exceed all expectations. Many of those who visit our Churches may not do so frequently, but perhaps their hearts were moved on Good Friday and now they feel called to approach the Lord because of the poignant message they heard during the last few days. In fact, some claim Easter Sunday as a family in which all members gather to give thanks to God for their health, their life and the reconciliation Christ has gained for them. Today’s readings proclaim that Jesus Christ dwells among us. Beginning with the First Reading, the testimony of the apostles proudly announces the triumph of our Lord. After the Second Reading, the choir sings the traditional Easter Sequence and invites the assembly to join in its Antiphons. The Gospel emphasizes that darkness has been transformed by hope as Mary Magdalene, Peter and the disciple whom Jesus loved discover the empty tomb.

As we listen to these texts we can ask ourselves:

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