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The Most Holy Body and Blood of Christ - Solemnity

June 23, 2019

The Eucharistic mystery has always been the center of the spiritual life of the faithful, although devotion to the Eucharist has assumed various forms throughout its history. The Scripture readings for today’s Solemnity invite us to return to the roots of the mystery by which Christ remains among us forever under the species of bread and wine. In fact, through transubstantiation Christ becomes the bread of life and the cup of salvation, the nourishment that heals our souls.

He becomes part of our physical bodies to sanctify us. The Eucharistic devotion, Adoration, invites us to pray in silence and to praise the God of love and mercy who never abandons us. But our participation in the Eucharistic liturgy must always be the highlight of our spiritual journey. Perhaps the Adult Education Director of Catechetical teams could share with the lay ministers of the community the historical evolution of the Eucharist and Eucharistic devotion from its beginnings. By the same token, on a day such as today, the Blessed Sacrament could remain exposed after each Mass, or just after the principal Mass of the day, for the faithful to spend time in prayer and reflection upon the meaning of Christ in their lives.

Rev. Juan J. Sosa

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