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Pastor's Corner

Twenty-Eight Sunday in Ordinary Time

October 13, 2019

Using the symbol of “leprosy”, today’s First Reading and Gospel help us appreciate the gift of our faith experience. While the Syrian general praises the God of Israel for healing him through the prophet Elisha, Jesus takes up the theme of gratitude after healing ten lepers who come seeking his aid. In the first case, Elisha refuses to accept any gifts from the Syrian, and Naaman, for his part, asks for some of the earth in order to build an altar, and give thanks to the God of Israel. In the second, Jesus receives gratitude only from a foreigner, ignorant of the prescriptions of the Law.

Such is the paradox of the texts today: both subjects, strangers to Israel’s customs and religious rituals, are more open to faith in the God of Israel than the actual members of the Jewish community. We must always be grateful for the gift of faith, and not allow ourselves to become ensnared in the leprosy of pessimism or negativity or to live our faith routinely or superficially. We can avoid this danger by keeping our hearts renewed and strengthened by the presence of the Holy Spirit. Let us strive to collaborate with the Lord, who is present in our lives through Word and Sacrament, and who strengthens us with his grace. Prayer and reflection will help us keep our faith alive.

Rev. Juan J. Sosa

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