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Pastor's Corner

Third Sunday in Lent

March 24, 2019

Today many communities celebrate The First Scrutiny with the catechumens already elected for initiation during Easter Vigil. The entire assembly prays with the celebrant and his assistants for the candidates for Baptism, Confirmation and Eucharist, that they may be ready to receive the Holy Spirit through the water that will shower them with the new life (Year A). In communities where the scrutiny is not held, the readings proclaimed today announce the need to return to God and to reflect his love toward one’s neighbors.

The First Reading narrates God’s call to Moses in the burning bush and how Moses accepted the role of shepherding the people of the Covenant to freedom. Saint Paul, in the Second Reading, reminds the Corinthians of the impact of that epic experience in history, and invites them to live the faith that God has granted them in a singular manner without gossip or disagreements of any kind. As usual, parish groups may reflect during the week on some of the elements that surface from the readings: fidelity to God’s call in one’s life, the need for conversion, the shepherding of the assembly by the liturgical or nonliturgical ministries, and the unity within each group and with the pastor as it helps to promote harmony in the parish.

Rev. Juan J. Sosa

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