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Pastor's Corner

Seventh Sunday in Ordinary Time

February 23, 2020

During the Ordinary Time we listen to the instructions of Jesus to his disciples. Through them we notice that Jesus does not limit himself to fulfillment of the Law, but focuses on respect for each person, including those whom the Law rejects or considers enemies. The First Reading from the Book of Leviticus reminds us that this concept was already in existence before the time of Jesus, although it was not practice in the same manner. In today’s Second Reading, St. Paul affirms that we are the temple of God because the Holy Spirit dwells in us through Baptism.

He reminds us that community members should respect one another with great love, should neither distinction nor favoritism toward anyone, even toward leaders of the community. We are one Body called to become a living sign of Jesus Christ in our history and in society. It is beneficial for youth groups to dialogue about their present and future in the Church, and specially their responsibility as missionary disciples in today’s world. And, while remaining true to their faith commitment, they can promote ecumenical dialogue with youth of other religious.

Rev. Juan J. Sosa

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